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From Reaction to Right Action

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

My car won't start! CRAP! I immediately start freaking out! My roommate left the door unlocked again! GRR! *sends angry text. My assignment was actually due yesterday and I completely forgot? *panic mode. Lets not sugar coat it... Life is full of surprising, anger and panic inducing situations. The day can be going just fine and all of a sudden life flips us upside-down. So how do we react? We could react out of habit, the way we always do. Maybe the way our parents or peers react... or we could learn how to take a pause so we handle the situation the best way possible.

Take a moment and think about how you react to stressful situations. Get out a pen and paper (maybe even a hot cup of tea) and without judgment, write down your "go-to" reactions. As you read them back to your self, have a moment of gratitude for reflection and self awareness. Now when you find yourself at the boiling point, you know what you normally do... and instead you get to choose how you show up. You have the opportunity to say to yourself, "I choose to take a deep breath, and do my best to resolve this situation gracefully".

So where does yoga come into all of this? When we are on our mat, we put ourselves in uncomfortable positions. These poses offer deep sensation in the body due to the stretching and strengthening. We become aware of the sensation, and instead of pushing harder, or backing out completely. We simply feel it and breath into it. THIS is the reason why yoga can be so profound. When we get off the mat and back into life and it's uncomfortable situations, we can do the same. We simply becoming aware of it, and breathe into it.

Come back to your paper and write what you would rather do. An example could be the desire to take a deep breath and have a conversation instead of yelling. This can transform into saying, "now is not a good time to talk, can we talk about this later?" Instead of saying something hurtful or hanging up the phone. I can admit I am painfully human, but that is okay. I have instances where I react in ways I'd rather not, we all do. Through self awareness and self compassion, I can choose to show up a better person every day and so can you.

Here are the tips to become self aware enough to choose RIGHT ACTION instead of reaction.

  1. Set a reminder on your phone three to five times a day to take a deep breath and asses how you are feeling. This is a great way to check in, and ask yourself what you need to remain peaceful.

  2. If you feel yourself getting to a boiling point... take a deep breath and look at you feet. This is you, you're a little human on the planet and you get to choose how you handle life. Remind yourself to choose compassion, to be a light in the world.

  3. Remember you emotions are completely VALID. You are allowed to feel the wide array of human emotion. You do NOT have to be happy all the time. However, the way you respond to the situation is an opportunity to show your character. An example could you facing someone who is super rude, you have the right to be angry and feel that emotion. However, you still choose to handle it maturely and be the bigger person. HOW EMPOWERING?!

  4. Remember in infinite wellspring of peace exists within you, layers beneath the surface. With one deep breath, you can return to that inner peace.

  5. Journal and get to know yourself better, how you function, how you react, what triggers you, what makes you happy. Knowing yourself makes it easier to navigate life.

With these awareness and tools you will be able to empower yourself to create a harmonious life. You will be ale too resolve problems with with people in your family, friend groups and work environment. You will also be able to react to life's surprising, wacky events with a gentleness and patience that you have never known before. I believe in your abilities to choose RIGHT ACTION over a REACTION. You just have to try your best, and be patient.

If you would like more accountability and support with creating habits of right action and self awareness call or email Sarah-Louise Rossi. You may set up an 60 minuet coaching or yoga session to create a more peaceful life.


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